2 months of subscription offered for the purchase of a Safee shell

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Protect yourself
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Our electronic box can be fixed on all models of telephones thanks to a magnetic sticker

360° protection

Safee is a phone case that conceals an anti-aggression device that can be activated in less than 3 seconds and offers up to 5 self-defense functions.

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Intelligent Protection

Protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation with our innovation. Whether you're coming home late at night, wanting to watch over someone, or simply if your safety is a priority, our case provides unparalleled peace of mind. You can move with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable personal protection system at your fingertips.

Connected to the Safee app

The true power of the Safee phone case is revealed when paired with our app. Indeed, this combination provides access to a set of additional anti-aggression features, which reinforce your level of protection. Thanks to this synergy, you benefit from a complete and integrated solution to deal with all situations.

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